Big Texas Chicken Quesadilla

Picture 005

Tonight, I had the pleasure of having dinner made for me.  My fiance who is a fantastic cook, really turned on his creativity tonight.   He started out with just plain chicken breasts and he ended up with Big Texas Chicken Quesadillas!  They were fantastic!  He seasoned the two chicken breasts with salt, pepper cyan pepper (carful with the cyan) garlic and onion powder along with half a lemon.  Then baked it in the oven.  While that was cooking he shredded a potatoe (which he sautied up with onions) and some cheddar cheese.  He diced a half of a large red onion and half of a large green pepper, some lettuce and tomatoe.  When the chicken came out of the oven, cut into small pieces and sautied it with olive oil to lock in the juices.  He then put a large whole grain tortilla in a pan and added the chicken, cheese, onion, tomatoe, peppers and potatoes, and folded in half.   Heated both sides and garnished with salsa, sour cream and lettuce.

It was excellent!  Such amazing flavours.  I look forward to sharing more of his creations in the future.

Picture 006


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