Cracker Cake

I know, I know, Cracker cake? Really?  YES!!! It is fantastic!  This is my good friend Lisa’s recipe.  When you first hear crackers, you might think, ewww, in  a cake?  but YES!  Give it a try…



1 pkg soda crackers (unsalted tops)

2 pkg vanilla instant pudding

2 tubs coolwhip

1 can pie filling of choice


Prepare the pudding as per the directions.

In a 9X13 inch pan layer the following

Cool whip


1/2 the pudding


Cool whip


Rest of the pudding


Cool whip

Top with pie fill of your choice (best with raspberry or blueberry)

Refrigerate over night to let the crackers do their magic.

I tell you people will think you made gourmet pastry (and let them think that!)

cracker layer2

cracker done

cracker cut

Thanks Lisa 🙂


11 thoughts on “Cracker Cake

  1. Hi There! Just whizing through Daring Kitchen, clicked your blog link and here I am. Fun blog! Wow, you are a Daring Baker and the photos are the best. I’m new to DK, but I’m in the Daring Cook’s group. I’ll be back though to see what else the DB’s got you making. Turtle cheesecake…yummy.

  2. I have been eating this dessert for over 10 years. My husband’s late grandmother used to make it for him every year on his birthday and I have continued on the tradition ever since! TOO DIE FOR! It does taste like you slaved away for hours, the crackers are a great secret! It’s a must to do if you have never made it. Can’t wait to eat it tomorrow…

  3. think i am going to try this with butterscotch pudding and a pumpkin mousse. i have a grandaughter who loves pumpkin “stuff”, including my pumpkin mousse pie.. this might be a tad easier and faster..

      1. Thanks. Was going to make this dessert last night but the cool whip was frozen and to hard to spread. I read the tub and it said thaw in fridge 4-5 hrs. I went to put the dessert together this morning and cool whip was almost runny and now only filled half of tub.
        Made the dessert anyway for tonight. Not sure how it will turn out or if there was something wrong with cool whip?

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